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Home / Dogs / Canine Artificial Insemination Supplies / A.I. Products / Shipping / Shipping Boxes / RP BioElite / BioElite Semen Collection Shipping Box for. Semen is collected from the stud dog and assessed for quality before being processed using a protein based extender which increases the longevity of the sample. Once identification and paperwork is checked, ensure that the inseminator gently mixes the semen before they inseminate. Often the sperm will settle to the. Canine semen transport requires care and efficiency. We utilize our own dry shippers to ensure the frozen dog semen is always shipped as safely and securely as. Steps for Shipping Horse Semen to Canada from the US · The Canadian mare owner applies to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) for an import permit.

Home / Equine Artificial Insemination Equipment / A.I. Products / Shipping / Shipping Boxes / RP BioElite / Equine Semen Shipping Supplies – The BioElite by. Optimal Usage: We strongly recommend using the entire sample that is shipped, as separating it for two different-day inseminations is discouraged. Fresh chilled. Our company offer safe and secure international sperm shipping services. Onboard personal dry shipper supervision. No X-Ray scan. The MVE Protective Liquid Shipping Containers are utilized to safeguard a tank during transport. There are protective shipping containers for each of the. The Equine Express II Semen Shipping Kit provides a safe, convenient option when shipping equine semen for artificial insemination. Includes: shipping box. Shipping Semen? How to Have a Successful Experience [Ahmed, Pennie] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Shipping Semen? How to Have a. For shipping there is a $ tank fee - plus the freight charges. CHAMPION GENETICS, INC. requests written authority from the owner of the semen before. Frozen semen is able to be shipped Monday thru Friday via FedEx overnight. Pick-up of both cooled and frozen semen is also available at Hilltop Farm or Select. -Before planning shipment, be sure the receiving company has long term semen storage as the shipper tank has a short storage time. Thus, you must closely monitor your mare and understand the stallions shipping schedule to achieve a single shipment breeding. When does the stallion collect. Recipient Information I understand that there is a charge of $ for the collection, preparation and packaging of the semen. The price includes shipping.

Breeder Box Semen Shipping Kit: Safe and Convenient Transport for AI Get everything you need to safely and conveniently transport semen for artificial. Extended Shelf Life: Shipmate can safely transport semen for up to a day duration, providing flexibility and peace of mind. Shipmate's Superior. We must also have a signed contract and a copy of your mare's registration papers on file. There will be no exceptions. For EACH semen shipment originating from. Germplasm includes semen, embryos, oocytes and tissue for cloning. The documentation should be available for review on shipment arrival at the U.S. port of. Straws to Paws LLC is a Synbiotics certified and AKC recognized, canine semen freezing center. We offer on site storage for your safety and convenience. Chilled semen transport boxes will keep semen at the correct temperature for 24 - 48 hours depending on box used, so organising the collection and shipment to. Semen Shipping Kits Canine. The VIP Impact Shipper is a biodegradable, efficient shipping container with 2″ thick insulating liner. $ SKU: Shipping Semen · Semen and embryos are shipped in LN2 vapor shipper tanks that are rated for 15 days of travel time. · We have small, medium and large sized LN2. Canine Express Semen Shipping Kit · Information. The Canine Express Semen Shipping Kit provides a safe, convenient option when shipping canine semen for.

Shipping Chilled Semen · Ship To · Requested By (Owner of Bitch) · Owner of Stud · If Applicable please list co-owner(s) below. Name. We ship chilled semen across the nation for inseminations. Please contact us in advance to receive the necessary paperwork and information. Shipping Frozen Semen · Evaluation. Regular Evaluation Fee · Hospital Fax - Required for Priority Evaluation only. Please Enter Fax # · Select Payment (check or. Great product for collection and shipping chilled Semen. Don't forget to order the extender, it's not included. Nitrogen Charge - One Needed per Frozen Semen Shipment No tank rental fee will be charged, $50 nitrogen charge. Rented tank to be returned within one business.

Taking a semen sample from a very unhappy Scottish Highland bull.

Micro Q iQ1 CR provides ultra-precise temperature control of Equine Semen during shipping, using its patented simultaneous cooling and heating features. Kenney Semen Extender Plain is for storing and transporting horse and dog semen. It is great for onsite breeding or when shipping semen.

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