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Porsche designed these motors using a sealed ball bearing that is pressed into the intermediate shaft (Photo 12). These types of bearings are typically used in. THE SOLUTION. IMS Retrofit ceramic hybrid ball bearing is recognized as the only permanent solution for IMS bearing problem in M96/M97 engines, and recommended. Porsche IMS Intermediate Shaft Bearing Failure The Porsche and Porsche Boxster from model year to have a high failure rate of the intermediate. Prevent engine failure by eliminating the problematic ball-bearing with our IMS solution kit! Purchase this IMS bearing for your Porsche online! The cylindrical bearings have over 12 times the load capacity of other ball bearing solutions making the EPS IMS bearing the clear choice. Backed by a full

Based on projections calculated by a fellow Porsche enthusiast and retired bearing engineer from Timken, they figure a 90% survival rate of the single-row Buy IMS Intermediate Shaft Bearing Repair Permanent FIX Retrofit - Compatible with Porsche / / Boxster: Automatic Transaxle - ✓ FREE. No Ball Bearing. No problem. Prevent costly engine failure by eliminating the problematic ball-bearing by backdating your IMS with a pressure fed oil. The IMS bearing is a sealed ball bearing which is pressed into the intermediate shaft and is designed to be used in dry conditions, so the area where Porsche. When an IMS failure occurs, or more specifically the ball-bearing or bearing support fails, the intermediate shaft is damaged beyond the point of being. Porsches from the model year onwards, including , Boxster, and Cayman models, come equipped with an IMS bearing that's non-serviceable without a. The Porsche IMS bearing is a wear item and needs to be replaced as part of regularly scheduled maintenance for all Boxster and models (where the. The only IMS roller bearing retrofit kit with true thrust control. · No oil system modification required – no risk of compromising the intermediate shaft or. It is well known that these cars had a problem in the intermediate shaft (IMS) that drove the engines' camshafts, resulting in engine failure. The IMS bearing. IMS Single Row Bearing Direct Oil Feed (DOF) Intermediate Shaft Retrofit Kit for Boxster / Before ordering, it is necessary to identify which bearing.

Porsche /Boxster IMS Intermediate Shaft Bearing Upgrade - Eternal Fix - European Parts Solution. A Porsche Expert's Professional Advice for Preventing or Avoiding Porsche IMS Bearing Failure. In any case, fear not because fortunately there is a solution. Upgrade your Boxster, Cayman or IMS bearing to ensure your Porsche avoids the dreaded IMS bearing failure. Call us today on +44(0) to make a. Prevent future catastrophic engine failure permanently with the only true eternal fix for the notorious Porsche intermediate shaft bearing. For the Boxster, the IMS bearing problem years where a failure of the original intermediate shaft bearing is most likely are model years through In short, the Intermediate Shaft (IMS) Bearing in the M96/M97 engines are nothing to loose sleep or fret over. In all of our combined years working on Boxsters. Single Row Pro IMS Retrofit. Intermediate shaft bearing upgrade kit for Porsche® M96 engines originally equipped with single row bearing. Replaces the single. The base model Porsche Carrera M liter engine up to serial number should have the serviceable single row IMS bearing. M engines. While a quality replacement upgraded IMS bearing does not cost "$20,", the result of not replacing and upgrading this bearing can easily require a major.

Boxster IMS Bearing There are a lot of good articles on the internet concerning the Intermediate Shaft Bearing (IMS) used in through Boxster's and. A guide to Porsche and Boxster IMS bearing failure symptoms and solutions from Revolution Porsche, the Yorkshire-based independent Porsche specialist. In the worst of cases, a failed IMS bearing will throw your cam timing off, which will then cause contact between the valve and piston. If this happens, you. Mr. Transmission Milex provides Porsche owners in Highland, IN with top-quality IMS bearing replacement service for their Porsche vehicles. IMS-bearing assembly. The kit covers both narrow and wide IMS bearing. Full CrMo construction, custom high precision ball bearing and upgraded gasket to.

BIG Mistake? Porsche Boxster S M96 Core Engine Teardown. What Happened Here?

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